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Health and social work
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Secretarial work

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History of the school

Location :

La Viste Vocational High School was rebuilt in 1994 and is located in an outstanding area with a view on Marseille’s roadstead.  (see pictures)


Near the free zones of the 15th and 16th districts, Grand Littoral, Plan de Campagne and Vitrolles shopping areas, near Europole Méditerranée, the Arnavaux wholesale market for agricultural produce, next to medical and  paramedic structures such as hospitals (Nord and Edouard Toulouse Hospitals), crèches, old people’s homes, La Viste Vocational High School is very easy to reach thanks to motorways A7, A51 and A51. It’s also a place where the fields of activity linked to our main trainings meet.

Premises and equipments :

The buildings are still in very good repair. There has been no damage to school equipment thanks to  the involvement of the Region and the very strict rules the students have to respect. 

The Principal, the Chef des Travaux  (the person in charge of the vocational training), the teacher in charge of the new technologies and the bursar have achieved a policy of investment which has made it possible to provide the school with high-quality equipment. 

The funding from the Region has helped the school acquire new-technology equipment and have access to networking.

At the same time, the school has used its own funds and the tax paid by businesses to dedicate some of the classrooms to multimedia, one of which has a monitory and supervision interface.


The school library has access to the Intranet and the Internet. It has a wide range of resources for academic and vocational subjects, including books, CD Roms, DVDs, specialized magazines… The school librarian and a part-time assistant receive, advise, help the students. The school library is a place which provides teachers and students with all the resources they need.

Reception - accommodation :

There are two small meeting rooms and a multi-purpose room with multimedia equipment which allow the school to receive workshops, seminars and meetings, for institutional and professional partners. 

There were more than a hundred meetings, training sessions and job interviews in the school year 2008-2009. 

The school restaurant provides services such as breakfasts, cocktails or sophisticated meals for guests.

The opening of a boarding school is planned. The Region and the City Hall have been negotiating to help the school get a building land in the surroundings for that purpose. 

Facilities are provided for the disabled.


The school is easy to reach thanks to the city transport network (buses and underground).

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